About Me

Hey guys!  I'm Becky - wife to Dick and mom to William & Jonathan.  We live in the Shoals area of Alabama with our two cats, AJ and Fluffy, and our dog, Claire.

I started a mommy blog in 2001 when my oldest was 5 months old, and have been hooked ever since! In addition to blogging, I also enjoy reading and crocheting, but most of my days are spent homeschooling my teen aged sons, who are both in high school.

I have dubbed this newest blog of mine a "lifestyle blog," because I like talking about all the things that are a part of me:  my faith, my family, crochet, school, plant based eating, reading, planners, etc.

In 2010 I received a new kidney and I tend to talk about its care and upkeep! Most people don't realize that transplant patients keep their non-functioning kidneys and the new one is put in the front (mine is on the right side). I have lots of kidney tidbits - maybe I'll share a few along the way

I wanted to call my blog something simple, and my name,  "Rebecca Ruth," seemed to fit the bill (but you can call me Becky).

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